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green bullet  How do I select a good, reputable, qualified fence company?

We recommend you ask several questions:

    green dot Ask your local Better Business Bureau if the company has a complaint history.
    green dot Ask the company for a list of customers, residential and commercial, and contact some of them. Make sure you contact some with recent work done and some with work done not so recently. Take the time to inspect some of this work.
    green dot Ask for bank and supplier references, including individuals to contact. Follow through with reference checks.
    green dot Ask for copies of proof of the company's liability insurance. This will protect you from liability while the company's installers are on your property.

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green bullet  What do I need to know before having the fence installed?

You need to assess:

    green dot The purpose of the fence (privacy, pet or pool enclosure, property, etc.).
    green dot Where the fence will be located, exactly.
    green dot What type of fence you want (materials, height, style, features and accessories).
    green dot When you plan to have the work completed. (For example, are there landscaping, remodeling, or surveying issues which need to be completed before the fence installation?)

When a fence is well planned, properly designed, carefully crafted, and expertly installed, it leaves the impression that it belongs. A good fence will last a long time, and you need to make a decision that you will be able to live with.

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green bullet  How long will the fence last?

The life of a fence depends on many factors, including, the integrity of the fabrication climate, materials used, climate and soil conditions to name a few.

For strength, longevity, and durability, Upright Fence Company uses only #1 Grade white northern cedar mill direct with natural grain unsurfaced full-dimensional lumber.

Properly built and expertly installed a fence should provide 15 to 20 years of enjoyment.

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green bullet  Who will install my fence?

Don and Mike Chaquette, who bring a combined total of 23 years of fence fabrication and installation to the company.

Upright Fence Company does not use subcontractors to install our work. Therefore, we have control over the quality of the installation and the workmanship of your fence project.

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green bullet  What types of fence materials and styles are there to choose from?

Upright Fence Company specializes in #1 Grade white northern cedar products, custom crafted and built at our fabrication shop in Center Barnstead, New Hampshire. Our wood is milled in a small, independently-owned company in north central Maine.

We also offer a full line of other popular and basic fence materials such as galvanized metal, vinyl coated metal, ornamental aluminium, and locust wood.

Our styles are as varied as the many customers we serve, and range from the traditional, decorative New England cedar picket to practical, long-lasting chain link.

Some basic fence styles include:

    green dot Board & Baluster
    green dot Board & Lattice
    green dot Solid Board
    green dot Spaced Board
    green dot Picket
    green dot Stockade
    green dot Baluster
    green dot Post & Rail
    green dot Split Rail
    green dot Farm Fence
    green dot And More

We also design and fabricate a wide variety of decorative yard and garden structures which include pergolas, arbors and trellis.

Whether your planned use is practical, functional or decorative, Upright Fence has a design and style to suit your needs.

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green bullet  What if I'm not sure which style or type of fence is right for me?

You'll want to choose a fence company that offers free on-site evaluation of your property and your fencing needs.

At Upright Fence, you can visit our sales office and outside display yard at
3601 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth, NH; or contact us at
(603) 422-8797 or via email at sales@uprightfence.com to have our design estimator provide you with an on-site evaluation.

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green bullet  What kind of guarantee will the fence have?

Material warranties are usually provided by the manufacturer.  The term of any warranty will vary from product to product. Generally, the better the material, the better and more secure the warranty.

Workmanship guarantees also vary from fence company to fence company. Upright Fence Company guarantees its workmanship on fence installations for a full 3 years.

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green bullet  What types of wood fences do you have?

Upright Fence Company custom builds all of the wood fences using #1 Grade White Northern Cedar. Our wood is milled in a small, independently-owned company in north central Maine.

For strength, durability and longevity, we make our wood fences out of traditional white northern cedar, mill-direct with natural grain unsurfaced full-dimensional lumber. Properly maintained, a #1 Grade white northern cedar fence will give you many, many years of beauty and service.

Included in our selection, we also offer: Locust (known for its 30-35 year life), split rail, and western red cedar products.

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green bullet  What sizes of wooden fences are available?

Since Upright Fence Company custom builds its fences, we offer a great deal of flexibility in length, height and sizes.

Standard heights for wooden fences are 3', 4', 5', and 6'. We also build 7' and 8' fences, Depending upon local zoning laws.

Standard length fence sections are 8'. We can build shorter lengths or longer lengths up to 12', depending upon your needs.

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Remember, if it's not up right, it isn't Upright!

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